Welcome to Adgile, an easy-to-use taskrunner for you, the front-end developer.

Adgile enables you to easily compile SASS to CSS, auto-reload the browser, test on multiple devices at once, inline CSS in emails, etc.

Many tasks that were previously tedious and repetitive to do, like starting your HTML from scratch, manually refreshing your browser, install node_modules for the 100th time, take care of backwards browser compatibility, asset minification, ... are now almost completely abolished. In this way you can focus on the most important thing: making your projects look and feel great.

A full feature list can be found below, with more features yet in development.

  • Compile Sass to CSS
  • Autoprefix CSS for better browser compatibility
  • Enable HTML templating with layouts and partials through Handlebars
  • Inline CSS in emails without the use of third-party web apps
  • Clean, concatenate and minify CSS and JavaScript
  • Optimize images for quick web display
  • Dynamically inject CSS and JavaScript in your HTML files
  • Watch files for changes and auto-reload browser on save
  • Test websites and emails on multiple browsers and devices simultaneously through Browsersync
  • Test your local build for speed with integrated Page Speed Insights
  • Integrate with a basic back-end system

Adgile is based on the following open-source technologies: