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It’s not a secret that building a smart, connected product is complex, but how do you keep it from getting overly complicated? With no real set of standards to turn to, where do you go to find out the solutions to overcome design challenges? In the second part of our IOT technical webinar series, veteran Room 5 solution architects will share and discuss what they’ve learned building smart, connected products like smart locks, smart phones and tablets, smart irrigation systems, smart rental cars and smart concrete sensors etc.

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Power Management

Smart, connected devices need to be easy to use and secure at the same time; they can’t run out of power or get knocked offline.

Power management impacts architectural design of a smart connected device. We start by defining the type of device; wall connected e.g. router or gateway, charged e.g. smartphone or tablet or unattended e.g. sensors or battery-based controllers.

Learn about the impact of tradeoffs and why it is important that power management design is derived from use cases.


To secure a smart, connected product or solution, it is important to first understand the various types of “attacks” that can be made against it.

Find out how to derive and prioritize attack surfaces from use-cases as well as how the security architecture impacts power management and hardware choices in the overall design of a system.

Engineering for Delivery

Delivering a smart connected product is complex but with one important distinction it doesn’t have to be complicated: a demo is not a product.

A product with both hardware and software components take time to develop and deploy. Early choices in architecture and schedule alignment have tremendous impact on a successful delivery.

This webinar will delve deeper into how to balance decisions when engineering and planning for delivery. Common issues that will be discussed include over engineering vs. proof-of-concept and hardware vs. software milestones.

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Ramp up your smart product development with Room 5, a company that has been building and commercializing smart devices since the beginning of the Internet of Things. In a fast-paced, 60-minute technical webinar, veteran Room 5 solution architects Rocky Sheriff, Rickard Eneqvist, Warren Fox and CTO Erik Ljung will help you understand the complexities and challenges of designing and implementing smart, connected products in today’s world of rapid changes.

Take advantage of more than 50 years of combined experience in the technologies that make up the Internet of Things by joining Room 5 IOT pioneers as they answer your questions and discuss their creative solutions to solving the complex challenges in building a smart, connected products.

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